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A simpler way to deal with climate risk for real estate

Our solutions reduces time and cost spent on dealing with the EU-taxonomy.

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Save time and costs with automatic mapping and follow-up.

We have gathered the data you need to assess physical climate risk and transition risk. Doing this job on your own is complex and time-consuming, so we've done it for you - all you need is an address.

  • Automate
    Automatic Insight

    Enter the address and find out which risks the properties are exposed to.

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    Digitalized follow-up

    The tools guide you through the remaining steps and digitize follow-up and reporting.

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    Recommended Measures

    Get recommendations on how you can work systematically to reduce climate risk in your portfolio.

Gain full control over financial climate risk and the taxonomy.

Today, experts say that it's crucial to start assessing and monitoring the portfolio against the taxonomy - we make the job easier.

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    EI Solutions has experience from hundreds of assessments, including third-party verification by DNV.

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    Our customers use the foundation to demonstrate to key stakeholders that they are managing sustainability risks adequately.

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    Our tools are developed in close collaboration with leading real estate companies.