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A simpler way to deal with climate risk for real estate

Our solutions makes it easy to overcome the complexity in dealing with the EU-taxonomy.

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Data-driven insight and automation so you can prioritize the urgent measures

With spacial analysis of data and integrations with third-party services, we automate the unneccasary tasks and give you the insight and recommendations about the property.

  • Automate
    Automatic Insight

    Automatic insight and documentation on compliancy with DNSH and Substantial Contribution goals.

  • File tree
    Streamlined Workflow

    Standardized and systematic application makes it easy to achieve proper taxonomy reporting

  • File cabinet
    Recommended Measures

    Easy to understand application and easy to understand reports with all the information needed.

Why comply with the EU-taxonomy?

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    Financial institutions grant favorable terms for those who report on compliancy with the taxonomy.

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    Suppliers, tenents and governments are pressured to buy or offer sustainable services. That means increased expenses for non-compliant companies and projects.

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    BREEAM-NOR manuals are tailored to the EU-taxonomy. Data-driven analysis frees resources to increase profits from sustainable projects.